Why Early Birds will always have an edge ?

Why Early Birds will always have an edge ?

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The endless loop of snoozing our alarms in the morning is something that we all are very familiar with. The number of times that ‘Extra 5-min Sleep’ turned into an hour-long affair is well above the acceptable limit in all our lives.

Waking up early is considered to be a trait of the ‘Nerds’ or the ‘Bookworms’ who have nothing fun to do in their lives. How much of this is true is a whole another debate.

Staying up till late night and binging on Tv Shows, Movies & Youtube Videos is something we all are guilty of. Paying no regard to the adverse impact this activity has on all of our lives, we all continue to move forward in life.

While staying up late every night and waking up well after the sunrise may not have an immediate bad impact on your life and career, but it is highly likely that this habit will cost you a lot when it comes to your career advancement and health in the long term.

‘Early Birds’ or the people who wake up early every day don’t just add an extra hour or two to their day span, but they also increase their productivity levels manifold by utilizing the energy they accumulated overnight in completing their To-do list for the day.

People who wake up early are found to be more persistent, cooperative and proactive according to research. Not only this, a study conducted in 2014 suggests that the people who go to bed late encounter negative thoughts much more often than those who sleep early.

Early risers also have an edge when it comes to health & fitness. There is enough scientific evidence available online to prove that people who don’t leave their beds on time in the mornings suffer from problems related to digestion.

Waking up early also enables you to be calmer and more focused throughout the day as it eliminates the possibility of starting the day in panic because you are late to your office or college, which is common in the lives of people who get up late.

If you’re still not convinced, try browsing for the ‘list of common habits of successful people’ on the internet. The chances are that you will find the ‘waking up early’ habit in almost every one of them.

‘It’s never too late’ and that’s exactly why if you haven’t started getting up early every day, Start Now!

After just a week of waking up early, you will find yourself to be more productive and active throughout the day.

Also, have a schedule ready with you every day which lists out the things you will do when you get up, otherwise, you will find yourself doing nothing after waking up and eventually moving towards the bed to snore off once again.

-Suryam Nimbawat

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