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Our Programmes

Advanced Data Structures

Introduces the students to understand the need for efficient coding and need to create advanced data structures with dynamic programming practice.

Competitive Coding

Introduces the students to the world of problem solving which would enhance their critical thinking abilities and also apply the appropriate programming constructs based on the expected outcome.


Introduces the student to understand the need to optimise the mathematical paradigm behind coding and various techniques to measure the performance & to optimise it.

Placement Readiness Kit

Talentio’s Placements Readiness Kit focuses on equipping you with key skill sets that recruiters look for while hiring. The program focuses on skilling you to truly impress recruiters rather than just crack recruitment rounds.

Advanced Verbal ability & LSRW skills

This program aims to develop all 4 areas of English Language (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing), by using a series of practical elements, activities, and tasks.

Targeted Placement Program

Programs are designed,implemented & executed to maximize placements in a particular company. This module aims at familiarizing students with the expectations of any particular company and hence improve overall placement numbers

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