3 Must-Read Books For Anyone Who Wants To Be Successful

3 Must-Read Books For Anyone Who Wants To Be Successful

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Our education system has stained the image of books in all of our minds. The words ‘book’ & ‘reading’ today have unpleasant connotations of boredom and punishment.

The way we are introduced to books in our childhood itself is a huge disaster. The moment we enter school, we are expected to by heart our lessons and score high in the exams. And if somehow we don’t, we are reprimanded for our poor performance by our parents and teachers.

This approach conditions our brain to associate the idea of books with discipline and enforcement.

But as and when you switch to reading books outside your syllabus, you will discover a different realm of knowledge and wisdom.

To help you start on your journey, here are 3 Must-Read books for everyone who aspires to be successful in life:-

Rich Dad Poor Dad - by Robert Kiyosaki & Sharon Lechter

This book addresses the problem of mindless spending in our society. It is crucial for a person of every age to know how to handle his or her finances properly.

Robert in this book is highlighting the importance of generating wealth by investing in assets that will help earn you revenue in the future instead of spending your money in luxuries which will turn out to be liabilities for you as time passes.

Today, the MNCs have all of us running after things we don’t need. All the credit goes to the geniuses working for them in the department of marketing.

If you are willing to come out of this spiral of impulsive buying and mindless spending, this book is highly recommended.

The 5 am Club - by Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is an author of many gems like ‘Who Will Cry When You Die’, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ & ‘The Greatness Guide’.

‘The 5 am Club’ is yet another one of his best selling offering which has inspired millions and guided them on their path to success.

The book emphasizes the importance of having a proper schedule in every man’s life and how simply one can achieve great things by getting up early.

All of us know and agree that waking up early is beneficial to us in many ways. Other than the health benefits, waking up early can have a huge impact on you career-wise.

Starting your day early doesn’t just add more productive time to your day span but also helps you stay focused and energetic throughout.

If you also find yourself snoring out the precious hours of dawn then make sure you give this piece a read, and join the ‘5 am Club’.

My Gita - By Devdutt Pattanaik

Religious books have often been the center of debates for decades and will continue to be for years to come.

While the authenticity of the tales and legends discussed in these books cannot be scientifically proven a lot of times, it doesn’t mean they are all to be ignored completely. Keep in mind that these books didn’t magically appear but have been written and preserved by our species for hundreds of years.

Devdutt takes a unique approach while presenting this piece. He has written the book in such a way that anyone who gives it a read, can connect with the author’s thought process.

In the book, he talks about various life lessons that can be learned from Gita. But what makes this book truly unique is the way he presents all the ideas and lessons.

Many think that all the tales and legends contained in this kind of books are hundreds of year old and has no significance today. After giving this book a read, the reader understands that the fundamental problems of humans have been the same a thousand years ago and will remain the same for a thousand years to come.

For anyone who possesses an interest in self-development, this book is sure to add a lot.

-Suryam Nimbawat

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